In 2014, we began with a simple plan to get outside in nature, rain or shine, on a regular basis; it has become so much more. We have been deeply moved by the connections, bonds, and new awareness we have for the natural world and the community. We knew we couldn't keep this idea and these experiences to ourselves any longer.

Our original mission still intact, we now offer classes, trips, and other opportunities to connect with nature on a whole new level.

Red Oaks Forest School is a place where friendships are made, connections to nature are formed and deepened, where learning happens in a play-based model, and where ecological lessons are offered at an age-appropriate level.  

Most importantly, Red Oaks Forest School is these kids who show up ready to get dirty, play hard, and leave renewed and ready to face life's challenges! They have taught us much about what we are capable of, what THEY are capable of, and we are excited to share what they have taught us over these last few years.