Our Mighty Acorns program is a once a week preschool, modeled after European forest kindergartens where children are immersed in nature, rain or shine, for child-led nature based play. 

Our main rules are to be safe and to be kind. Adult supervision and assistance will always be provided as needed to achieve those objectives; however, we seek to minimize adult interference to the extent possible. Our goal is to provide children with not only the tools and materials they need to facilitate play and inspire STEAM learning but also the freedom to find their own approaches and the autonomy to explore their own interests. 

A typical session will begin with circle time to start our day together. From there, things will vary a great deal depending on the season and weather and most of all on the children's preferences. On some days we will head up the mountain together to explore the forest, practice pulling ourselves up the hill, or build some forts. On other days we will wander down to the creek to cool our feet in the water and investigate the rocks and ripples. The one thing that all days should have in common is that we will have fun and we will get dirty! 

Children will need to come dressed for the weather (a list of recommended products and brands will be provided) and bring their own lunch and snacks. Our site has composting toilets and participating children should be potty trained and able to use the bathroom largely independently. 

Our preschool day runs from 10am until 2pm, with snack at 11 and lunch at 12:30, and is a drop-off program.

Tuition for the spring semester is $300 and includes 12 preschool sessions on the following dates:

Feb 8, 15, 22
Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Apr 5, 12, 19
May 3

(Potential make-up dates for severe weather: 4/26)

Email us at registration@redoaksforestschool.org to reserve your spot today!