What is happening at Red Oaks

  • Classes are currently offered on Thursdays in Spring and Fall to enrich a homeschool education and provide regular free play in nature in a social setting.

  • Family Workshop Series are beginning fall of 2018 to encourage family time in nature with topics and activities to celebrate the changing seasons.

  • Offering stewardship opportunities, guided hikes, and citizen science days for all ages.

  • Offering environmental educator workshops for aspiring naturalists, homeschool parents, and anyone interested in learning how to teach varying aspects of environmental education.

  • Camp-outs are scheduled throughout the year in eastern Kentucky and beyond; exploring new ecosystems and habitats, as well as, building bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. These opportunities provide lots of support for families new to camping.

  • Launched Mighty Acorns, our pre-k program, in the fall of 2018! See the website for more on this exciting new program.

  • Partnering with the University of Kentucky to offer student-led, inquiry based research methods classes. Introducing kids to the world of science through the exploration of local Northern Cardinal populations.

  • Partnering with foster homes to provide guided hikes and citizen science opportunities to share the healing power of nature.

What We offer

  • Age-appropriate, nature-based content all taught outside, rain or shine.

  • Opportunities to increase fitness, strength, and team building through activities like hiking and rock climbing.

  • Free play in nature as a part of every session.

  • Stewardship opportunities to get involved in ecological restoration.

  • Out-of-home socialization opportunities for homeschool families.

What we have achieved 

  • Helped families commit to weekly time in nature.

  • Brought nature immersion and citizen science opportunities to kids in foster care.

  • Tripled our membership in 3 years and currently serving over 90 kids ranging from pre-k to high school.

  • Established as a state registered non-profit in 2017 and 501c3 in 2019.