Building a Stage


As a species, we are storytellers.

It is built into us to share and tell stories

and there are so many benefits:

Boosts confidence

Increases creativity

Improves social emotional skills

Promotes leadership and teamwork

Provides opportunities for artistic expression

Encourages multi-age relationship building and teamwork

Fosters a love of the arts

Promotes courage

Cultivates joy and pride upon the culmination of their efforts

The kids decided they want their own stage and we couldn’t agree more! They kicked off fundraising on their own by putting on a play they wrote, directed, and starred in at our very first Spring Fest. They collected money for tickets, raising $265. We have decided to match that and kick off a bigger fundraiser of $6000 to build them their very own stage on our campus so they can spend hours dreaming, creating, and acting out their feelings and ideas. Will you join us and invest in a child’s right to dream big?

But don’t take it from us, watch this short clip and hear directly from these kids as to why this matters to them!